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Due to COVID-19 many have been wondering how the High School will continue to function.
Please see the questions and answers listed below for more insight. 
  •  How will students access their weekly modules?  
  • Teachers will upload weekly modules into Schoology or Google classroom every Friday.  The high school students are used to this management system.  The only exception to this is Spring Break.  That Friday module is already loaded for the week of April 13th.
  • How will pass/fail impact my student’s grade grade point average?
  • The pass/fail second term will not impact students’ grade point averages.  They will not be factored into the grade point average equation.  
  •  What if a student does not have access to the internet?
  • High school staff surveyed students and called parents.  Children who do not have access to the internet will be given hard copies of the material.  Staff is dropping needed material off every Friday to homes.
  •  What if a student completes the modules and fails the product at the end?  
  • A student can resubmit the product after receiving some suggestions from the teacher.  If a child completes the module learning and follows the directions on the project, then there should not be an issue.
  • What about a child who is in a dual enrollment class?
  • Students in dual enrollment classes need to contact their respective teachers via email.  Students will earn a high school credit with a pass or fail, as long as work is completed.  However, individual institutions may have other requirements. 
  •  What about Career and Technical Education classes and certification programs?
  • Students will receive a pass in the class, if all the module learning and the end product is completed and approved.  The issue is certification.  The state is working through how to manage the lab requirements for many of our offered programs like nursing, automotive technology, and childcare.  There may be an opportunity to recover some of the lab time this summer.  Right now, nursing is the area where there is the most concern.  Direction on this is a “wait and see” item.  The state needs to reassess lab time after the Governor’s stay at home order ends.  
  •  What about a student in a Virtual Virginia class or year-long class?
  • Students will receive a pass or fail in the class from the high school.  As of March 13th, standard letter graded material ended across the state.  Virtual Virginia like many other groups is going to have updated official guidelines.  As soon as schools receive those, we will update this Q & A.
  •   We heard that the NCAA Clearinghouse views a “pass” in a class negatively.  Is that true?  
  • Like many institutions, former practices are getting re-evaluated.  The NCAA Eligibility Center will be providing more information in the coming weeks for prospective student-athletes.  As soon as that information is passed down to schools from the Virginia High School League, the high school will update this Q & A.
  •  The Governor said all seniors will graduate, so why do they need to do work? 
  • As long as seniors have completed their CPR training and their online requirement, then the Governor did waive many state and federal requirements.  (All of our kids have!)  Seniors definitely are limited in their ability to complete some of the former mandates.  Seniors should participate and complete weekly modules and the end project effectively, so they can receive a “P” on their report cards.  Seniors who elect to just be waived and do no work will receive an “N” in the class.  The “N” will show on their report cards.  This is not recommended for any senior student to do.
  •  What about scheduling for next year?
  • Counselors will be sending information home to families and will be calling.  It is imperative that any changes that need to be made, should be made early.  The high school is going to assume that 9th-11th grade students are going to complete the modules and the end product, so they earn credit.  In courses where there is an SOL, that will be waived this spring term.  The caveat is that students need to earn a “pass” in the spring class.  
  •  What about Standards of Learning tests for underclassmen?
  • Students enrolled in an SOL tested class during the spring semester will have that verified credit locally awarded as long as students complete the modules and the end of course product proficiently.  
  •  What about driver’s education and behind-the-wheel?
  • Driver’s education instruction will resume on April 13th through the modules.   The state is more restrictive about the manner in which this is done remotely, so students MUST attend all of the instructor-led modules to receive credit.  Behind-the-wheel is not allowed right now because of the Governor’s health safety mandate.  As soon as that is lifted, then the school can begin a sign up piece for that.  
  •  What if my child cannot finish the module learning and end-of-course product by the June deadline?  
  • It is best to finish by that deadline, so students can be properly loaded into coursework.  If a student is struggling, please ask the student to notify his or her teacher and school counselor immediately.  There are other options available and that is why they were listed.  We want children to be successful and we are here to make sure that happens.        
  •  How will my student collect his or her belongings from gym lockers?  How will my student turn in school items like library books and chromebook(s)?
  • These are other items that fall into the “wait and see” approach.  The Governor’s actions after June 10th will determine how a student’s gathering of belongings from within the school and a school’s belongings that are currently being held by the student get collected.   
  •  What about graduation?  
  • Dr. Sroufe has already committed that we will have a commencement ceremony.  What that looks like and day and time is totally up in the air.  It is challenging not being able to give parents and seniors solace in a concrete plan of action.  It all depends on where the nation is health-wise.   With all of this though, please know that I will do everything in my power and Dr. Sroufe will do everything in his power to make it happen.  You should still work with Herff Jones and order your cap and gown, if you have not already done so.  
  •  What if I have a question that has not been answered or I need further clarification?
  • Please email me at