Career Center

Students are welcome to visit the College and Career Resource Center at any time.  Just fill out a request form in the School Counseling Office.  You can work on your online college applications, scholarships, or research the college you are investigating.  We can help you find the information you want or need - just ask!


Ms. Herbert will be here on Thursdays from 8:30-1:30.  You can enter your information for FAFSA in October.  You and your parent will need to get an FSA ID, this is different from a PIN number your parents may have from an older sibling, before you can file your FAFSA.  See Mrs. Vaughan for more information or to schedule an appointment with Ms. Herbert.


To sign up for the SAT apply online at  Registration fee is $47.50 without essay, $64.50 with essay and the late registration fee is an additional $29.  CHHS Code is 470-578.  
The dates for the 2018-2019 SAT testing are:


Test Date Registration Date Late Fee Required            

August 25 July 27 August 15
October 6 September 7 September 26
November 3 October 5 October 24
December 1 November 2 November 20
March 9 February 8 February 27
May 4 April 5 April 24
June 1 May 3 May 22
*If you qualify for a fee waiver contact the Counseling Office to pick up one.
Check back each day to exercise your brain and prepare for your SATs with the SAT Question of the Day

To sign up for the ACT apply online at  Registration fee is $50.50 without writing and $67.00 with writing. The late registration fee is $30.00.  CHHS  Code is 470-578.
The dates for the 2018-2019 ACT testing are:

Test Date Registration Date Late Fee Required             

September 8 August 10 August 26
October 27 September 28 October 14
December 8 November 2 November 19
February 9 January 11 January 18
April 13 March 8 March 25
June 8 May 3 May 20
July 13 June 14 June 24

Colleges Visiting CHHS

College Date Time
Mary Baldwin September 24 8:30 AM
There will be a sign up sheet in the Counseling Office

Senior Applying to College?

Seniors applying to college will need the following:
  • The Scholarship/Contest table.  It is updated as needed and also posted on the Career Center bulletin board.  Scholarship applications that do not have internet links are located in the School Counseling office.

Juniors and Sophomores

A great new website for high school and career planning is Some features include personality type and interest inventories, high school planning and college investigation.   Register in the Career Center to take this test.

Other links to investigate are:

The Early College Scholars program allows eligible high school students to earn at least 15 hours of transferable college credit while completing the requirements for an Advanced Studies Diploma.  If you have not already filled out an agreement you can download one here. Print your name and year of graduation at the top, then turn it in to Ms. Crowder in the Counseling Office.

Map of Virginia Colleges

Check out this map of Virginia schools and see how many choices you have!  Virginia is a great place to attend college - the choice is yours!

Virginia Colleges-Online Classes

Visit to see what online courses are offered by Virginia Colleges.