Selection of Courses

  The process of selecting courses occurs during the second term when school counselors meet with the students in grades 8- 11.  At this time each student makes a tentative selection of courses for the next academic year.
  Each student in grades 9, 10, and 11 will meet individually with a school counselor or a faculty advisor during the second term in order to review his or her course selections and to make changes, as appropriate, in view of past academic performance and future plans.  Parents may contact their student’s school counselor if they wish to participate in their student’s program planning conference.
  Students are scheduled under the assumption that they will pass all of their courses for the current academic year.  Any student who fails one or more courses should contact the School Counseling Office prior to leaving for the summer.  Special Education students are scheduled in accordance with their Individual Educational Plans.

No student will be denied access to any course, program of instruction, or guidance and counseling services on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicapping condition.

Please see our Guidance Department's page for more information on scheduling and for a description of courses.


1. All repeat courses must be taken for a full term. 

2. Whenever a course is repeated that has been previously passed, no additional credit will be awarded.  However, the final grades will be figured into the GPA.

3. Credits are awarded based upon the achievement of a passing grade at the completion a term course and/or a year long course.
4. Early release/Late Arrival options are for juniors/seniors that meet the following criteria:
a. Enrollment in a school sponsored work program 
b. Enrollment in a college course through Richard Bland College or JTCC
c. Enrollment in three credit bearing courses

              Second term seniors may also apply for early release if they meet the following 
                    a.    Student has met all verified credit requirements and is in good academic standing
                    b.    Student can provide proof of employment or enrollment in a college course
                    c.    A student must complete an Early Release form and get approval from the 
                           Principal.  These forms must be completed and returned prior to the start of the first 
                           term exam schedule. 

Course Levels

AP=Advanced Placement or College Level
H= Honors Level
X= Modified Course (no regular credit awarded) 
DE=Dual Enrollment College Course
OL= On-Line

Grading Scale

Grading Scale

A student must earn a minimum final grade of "D" (73) in the course in order to earn a credit.  

The grading system for regular course credit is as follows:





F...below 73

GPA and Class Rank

A grade point average (GPA) is computed for each student by first awarding “quality points” to each final grade earned in his or her course work, and then by dividing the total number of quality points awarded by the total number of his credits attempted.  (Please note in the table that follows that the number of quality points awarded for Honors Course work differs from Regular classes).  The GPAs are then placed in order from highest to lowest in order to determine each student’s rank in class.  GPAs and rank in class are computed at the end of the year for rising juniors and seniors.

 Regular Classes 
Enrollment Classes
AP classes
A: 4 points
 A: 4.5 points  A: 5 points
B: 3 points  B: 3.5 points  B: 4 points
C: 2 points  C: 2.5 points  C: 3 points
D: 1 point  D: 1.5 point  D: 2 point
F: 0 points  F: 0 points  F: 0 points

Graduation Requirements / Diplomas

Requirements for graduation from Colonial Heights High School will depend upon the type of diploma or certificate program in which the student is enrolled.  There are two regular diploma programs: the Advanced Studies Diploma and the Standard Diploma.  Requirements for these types of diplomas are different depending upon the year the student enters the ninth grade the first time.

  The Modified Standard Diploma is available only to certain eligible special education students. The Modified Standard Diploma will no longer be available beginning with students that enter the ninth grade for the first time in 2013-14. 

The Special Diploma is available for special education students who take courses which are modified in content and/or grading scales.  Certificates of completion may be awarded to alternative education students and also to special education students who fulfill the requirements of their individual educational plans.


Verified Credits and Standards of Learning (SOL) Tests

For students to graduate, they are required to earn certain verified units of credit by passing Standards of Learning tests and the corresponding class.  Six verified credits are required for the Standard Diploma:   English: Writing (1), Reading (1); Mathematics (1); Science (1); Social Studies (1); and Student Choice (1).  Nine verified units of credit are required for the Advanced Studies Diploma:  English: Writing (1), Reading (1); Mathematics (2); Science (2); Social Studies (2); and Student Choice (1).

Diploma Seals

Students who demonstrate academic excellence and/or outstanding achievement may be eligible for one or more diploma seals.  Seals are awarded upon graduation. A complete list of diploma seals can be found on the Virginia Department of Education website. (

Concurrent Education

Concurrent Education is a program which allows students to enroll in college courses before graduating from high school.  In some cases, both high school and college credit may be awarded for these courses.  Students must meet certain criteria to be considered for enrollment in college courses.

Students must also have approval from the Principal to enroll in any course offered outside of Colonial Heights High School.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Program provides assistance to those students who are Limited English Proficient (LEP). The students in the ESL instructional program learn English through appropriate ESL instruction as well as immersion into the regular school curriculum.

Honors and Advanced Placement (AP)

The Honors and Advanced Placement Program is designed to meet the needs of those students who are in CREATE  (gifted and talented) and/or who are exceptionally capable in academic areas.  It is recommended that students have earned an A or B in the prerequisite course to be eligible to enroll in an Honors course.  The following Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered:

Algebra II Honors           AP Biology
Art Honors  AP Calculus AB
Biology I Honors  AP Calculus BC
Honors   AP Chemistry
Chemistry I  Honors  AP Computer Science
Chemistry II
Honors   AP English 12
Comparative Religion
Honors   AP Environmental Science
Earth Science Honors  AP French V
English 9, 10, 11, 12    Honors  AP Government
French IV  Honors  AP Latin V
Geometry  Honors  AP Music Theory
Latin IV Honors  AP Psychology
Math Analysis  Honors  AP Spanish V
Physics I  Honors  AP U.S. History
Prob. & Stats.  Honors 
Spanish IV  Honors 
World Affairs
World History I  Honors 
World History II  Honors 

Students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses are eligible to take AP exams at the end of each course.  These are administered in May and are scored by the College Board.  Most colleges and universities grant students college credit for their AP courses based on their exam score.  

Special Education

Special Education programs are available for any student who has been identified as having a handicapping condition and whose needs are not being met in a regular education program.  Information about special education programs and services may be obtained from the Office of Support Services' Director.

Promotion Schedule

Promotion from 9th to 10th       6 credits including English 9


Promotion from 10th to 11th     12 credits including English 10


Promotion from 11th to 12th     17 credits including English 9 and 10


Scheduling/Class Changes

          Students will be permitted to change a course within the first 5 school days of the start of the term.  Changes are not guaranteed and are contingent upon available space and scheduling.  Request for teacher changes will not be honored.

            Level changes (honors to academic) will be considered pending approval from parent, teacher and administration.  Schedule changes involving virtual courses must be made prior to the beginning of the school year, due to registration policies with the course provider.


Study Halls

          Study hall/Aide positions are available for 11th and 12th graders

          Students must be enrolled in 3 credit bearing classes each term.



            Students will be permitted to withdraw with a grade of “N” from a term course until the Monday following the first 9 weeks report card distribution.  After that date, withdrawals will result in an “F” for a final grade on the student’s transcript.

            Students will be permitted to withdraw with a grade of “N” from a year long course until the Monday following the 2nd nine weeks report card distribution.  After that date, withdrawals will result in an “F” for a final grade on the student’s transcript.