Welcome to Colonial Heights High School

Welcome to Colonial Heights High School

 Attention Parents:
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Heroin and Opiate Summit ACT IV Flyer

October 6th
$10 in advance (cash only) | $12 at the door (cash only)
   Tickets will be sold October 3-5th during all 3 lunches for students.
Student ID's
    All current CHHS students attending the dance must have a valid CHHS ID issued by the school for admittance to the dance.
Replacement ID's cost $5.00 
Outside Guest
    All approved outside guests must have a valid government issued ID or current (issued this year) school ID. All CHHS students taking an outside guest will need to attend one of the two outside guest meeting.
Wednesday October 3rd. 7:10am or 2:25pm
    Homecoming is a semi formal affair. Students need to take into consideration that they will be dancing so clothing needs to stay appropriate. If there is a question in regards to dress or attire being appropriate, the student needs to see an administrator as soon as possible.  

Dress Code for Males
    Males should wear dress pants or khakis at their waists, collared button down dress shirt, tie, belt, and dress shoes (no tennis or skateboarding shoes will be allowed). Objects like canes, wallet chains, or hats are not allowed.

Dress Code for Females

    Females should wear a fingertip-length dress. Dresses with cut outs, excessive cleavage, plunging neck lines, back outs, bare or visible midriffs, and inappropriate slits will not be permitted. Appropriate footwear (no tennis, skateboarding, casual shoes will be allowed) should be worn. This is a school-sponsored event, so dress code applies. Remember, dresses that are so tight that they ride up when dancing are not permitted. Appropriate undergarments should be worn.  

Security will be present and students will be denied access if dress code is out of compliance. 
This is an alcohol and drug free dance.


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Principal's Message

October Update

   We finished the first month of school and it was another successful opening and back to school transition for all! The month of October begins with Homecoming week. We have already kicked the week into motion with our first annual CHHS Color Wars. The kids had a blast and they raised money for the SCA and the end of the year picnic.

   The high school has tweeted out some Color Wars' highlights and video from the event. If you have not joined our twitter account, please do so. Weekly updates are sent out and news is tweeted. It really is a good way to keep a pulse on all the happenings at the high school.

   The first week of October ends with the Homecoming Pep Rally, Football game, King and Queen crowning, and the dance. Specifics on the Homecoming dance are located on the high school's main page. Proceeds from the dance go directly back to our PTSO. Thank you in advance to the parents for making sure our children have a lovely and safe evening.

   Interims are distributed on Thursday, October 4th and Parent/Teacher conferences are from 4-7 on Monday, October 8th. The PTSO is kind enough to serve us dinner that afternoon into night. The staff and their stomachs appreciate the homemade meal. I do hope folks can pop in for some quick visits. It is a good opportunity to touch base with the teachers and touch base with the main office. Kids need us every step of the way. High school children are just bigger and sometimes moodier.

   I want to end thanking folks for making school attendance a priority. September was National Attendance month and all the schools are making a concerted effort to improve our daily rates. This is not shocking, but studies show that children perform significantly better if they attend school on a regular basis. Students are turning in notes. Many parents are helping us out by scheduling appointments after school hours.

   Let's continue onward and upward...it feels good to be back and it always feels good to be a Colonial!

   With Pride,

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